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Music Trends: Streaming, Not Selling



streamingNielsen Soundscan recently released its 2014 mid-year report, which compares the first six months of this year with the same period last year, and the harsh reality will not surprise anyone working in the business: Consumers are listening to more music, but they do not want to buy it.

According to the report, which measures U.S. recorded music point-of-sale, radio airplay, and music streams, streaming saw a 42% increase compared to 2013, but that growth is eclipsed by a 19.9% decline in physical album sales and an 11.6% decline in digital album sales.

In better news, the vinyl resurgence continues with sales up to 40%, since last year with 4 million units sold in the first half of 2014, and sales of 8.3 million units projected by the end of the year.

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