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Myst Milano Astounds Everyone With Her ‘Bitch House’ Style



Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Myst Milano is on a mission to revive the ‘Bitch House’ style. She will leave you with your mouth wide open once you discover her iconic song and video, “No Shade.

What I love about the entire production is without question the old-school and sexy vibes that this track emanates. To date, I can’t understand why such a brilliant release seems to be incredibly underrated. 

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Myst Milano

“No Shade” represents a tribute to her experiences in the Ballroom community. Additionally, this gem is inspired by pioneers of the ‘Bitch House’ style like Moi Renee and Rageous.

All of a sudden, this single saw the light thanks to the support of Defected Records, a British independent label that still promotes the housey culture and genre all over the world.

Indisputably, Myst Milano is more than ready to make waves within the underground circles and beyond. Personally, I can’t wait to hear more hot tunes from her catalog.

If you have musical ears, it’ll be easy to recognize she has a ton of potential.



By Erick Ycaza

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