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Mysterious Producer Neebu Talks New EP ‘Organized Chaos’ — Interview



mysterious producer Neebu

Get to know mysterious producer Neebu and his brand new EP ‘Organized Chaos.’ Influenced by Eric Prydz, this project’s experimental electronic music offers an immersive audio experience. Having said that, you will feel in close touch with the sonic atmospherics, piano/synth-chords, and epic rising crescendos. Far and away, Neebu’s instrumental-built tracks are masterfully crafted to transport you to other worlds. Read the full interview down here.

1 — Congratulations on the release of your debut EP, ‘Organized Chaos’, please let us know what went into the creation of this project?

Thanks! It’s been quite a journey for me to put out this first EP. I first started playing around with making music at the end of 2019 with no musical training. There was initially a steep learning curve to even learn the basics. Not knowing how to use the DAW helped me construct arbitrary constraints that I could reasonably start with. This was a blessing in disguise and helped me to ward away “paralysis analysis” from having too many options to choose from.

When I started to make my first few songs, I got the sense and plenty of constructive feedback that they sounded like multiple songs stitched together. Part of the challenge was to make the songs as cohesive as possible, so as to tell a story. As a result of this shift in mindset, I was able to take one of the songs that I made initially and break it up into three separate songs. Lastly, there was a lot of trial and error that was both a joyful and sometimes frustrating part of the experience.

2 — What’s the idea behind the EP name?

I chose the album name because I see a lot of parallels between music and how I think of nature. Nature is chaotic, but there seems to be some level of organization or order to it. Music I find to be similar in a sense that it is created from the vibrations of chaotically behaving systems, producing an organized sound that is discernible. Hence this is why I see music as organized chaos and the idea behind the name.

I was trained to think as an analytical scientist for most of my life. A lot of concepts from nature are incorporated into the way I think about composing songs. This EP represents my artistic side coming together with my analytical side.

3 — Which track do you think stands out the most?

That’s a hard question to answer. I feel that depending on my mood each track will stand out differently to me. Based on others’ collective listening patterns of my songs, “Entranced Storm” and “In a Trance” stand out.

Neebu - Entranced Storm
4 — Which one did you feel was the hardest to produce?

I would say that the difficulty changed depending on where I was in the particular song. There have been many points where I felt like giving up on the song. I find that it’s difficult to let go of certain musical ideas because I have spent so long working on them. Being able to adopt a flexible mindset when composing music was the hardest to maintain more than anyone track itself.

5 — What do you hope listeners take away from this EP?

The reason I enjoy making music so much is that it makes me feel like I can connect with a vast audience across borders in a completely different way than written words or spoken language can’t capture. I would hope that listeners would take away that I wish to share a genuine authentic human connection with them through my songs. That’s how I feel when I listen to artists that I enjoy.

6 — Is your music exclusively designed for the underground music world?

I feel that my music is designed to attract listeners that share a similar taste in music as me. When composing music together, I construct it so that I will enjoy listening to it. I find that it’s difficult if not impossible to predict what is going to stick with others, but relatively easier to know what combinations of sounds I’m drawn to. I find that thinking and predicting too much about what others will think about my songs diminishes the joy of making them begin with.

7 — Who most influenced you to start producing electronic music?

Eric Prydz, without a doubt. It’s actually funny before I started this musical journey, I didn’t think I would ever get into it. I remember there was a friend of mine who was trying to convince me to go into it with him and I was opposed to it at that time. Then after I went to a first live Prydz set I felt super inspired to put more music out there in the world that I enjoy.

I also feel that my dad’s personality traits in me also play a big part in my affinity towards music, even though both sides of my family are artistic in their own way. I choose my image to be an owl because it reminds me of my dad in a personal way. I also choose the name Neebu, because it’s something from my childhood and when I’m making music I feel like I’m a kid again.

8 — Are you open to collaborating with other artists? If so, what are your requirements?

I’m definitely open to collaborating with others. I find I tend to work best with others in which we share mutual respect and liking for each other and each other’s work.

9 — Are you planning to release music videos or live performances anytime soon?

At this time I’m going to focus more on refining my musical composition framework. There is definitely a lot more than I can learn. After that, I would be down to explore music videos and live performances. I think at some point I would like to look into the idea of my own radio show.

10 — What can we expect from Neebu in the near future?

I’m in the process of working on releasing my new EP. I’m excited to share more details about it later on once it gets closer to completion. I’m also collaborating with another artist that I’m excited to work with.



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