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Nah Interview 2016



Nah Interview 2016
Talented and fresh DJ/Producer Nah shares interesting details about his life as an artist in this exclusive interview. The current single he is promoting is called “Legend” on High Scream Records, a Trap banger that can be addictive!

1 – When did you start producing electronic music?

Around 1999, I was just 11 years old when a friend of mine gave me Fruity Loops 3.56, it was like almost useless comparing it with the latest version. My first approach has been Hip Hop music. After a couple of years I fallen in love with Bass music then I have spent a lot of time to discover all the secret of the genre, also because in that age was absolutely impossible to find tutorials, tips, data and everything which should be useful to improve the own knowledge about it!

2 – What’s the secret formula behind your Dubstep hits in collaboration with The Buildzer?

We are definitely 2 different minds. It sounds like we complete each other melting together our style in one! That’s the formula!

3 – Do you think Dubstep is still popular in the world? What about Trap music?

I’m sorry but I think that the Dubstep has been polluted too much. The situation is very confused… it seems still working but the catchment area it’s very reduced atm. surely it became niche music. Trap music is going to be the same but Hip Hop influences never die so that’s the reason why I don t stop listening to new trap n’ bass music from new producers, there is always something to discover.

4 – What’s the name of your latest single? Please describe your sound.

Nah – Legend ( High Scream Records )

This song is what I basically like: soul vocal vibes, powerful synths,plucks, huge drums, basses, special 808 sublines, musicality and lot of details. Technically, I like quite rarely trap without bass patches even if there is 808 sub-line, I like heavy grooves mixed with musicality!

5 – Do you ever make mistakes during live DJ performances?

AHAHAH…Absolutely Yes!!! it was hilarious! I was playing at NOIZER, It was amazing, lot of people with their hands up screaming during a loading of the song. I was playing….then as the DJs do, when the drop started I pushed play in the other cdj to take the right time…ooooh no! It was the current cd j then I restarted the song… I wanted to die! Fortunately, they have been very friendly with me just laughing and inciting me to forget the mistake and to carry on with the wonderful DJ set!

6 – What are some really embarrassing songs that we might find on your mp3 player?

I like some Pop music. Some artists are really historic for me like DIDO, MOBY, COLDPLAY, CALVIN HARRIS, EMINEM, BEYONCÉ, KATY PERRY, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and much more… I have never hidden it, but surely there are some “underground” friends who kid me because I like some “emotional” music.

My favourite : Coldplay – Fix You (video)

7 – If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

Porn Actor??? xD LOL Just joking! I like Electronic Engineering! Maybe is not so late! :-p

8 – If you were given half a million dollars and a year off, what would you do? How would you spend it?

Making my album! This life takes too much time! I would like to have the time to compose not only for fun but also using all the possible resources, time, and money of course! Maybe 10% of the budget to travel to Caribbean places!

9 – Do you have a Facebook or Twitter? Do you use Bandcamp, Spotify, or SoundCloud to share your music?

Yes, I do! but not Bandcamp and Spotify atm.

Facebook :

10 – So, What’s next? Any new upcoming projects that you want to talk about?

Yes, stay tuned on HIGH SCREAM RECORDS.
I can’ t say more, I m going to release new songs definitely!

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