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Nanoviola & Yantosh Reveal A Progressive House Collab Titled “Feelings”



Nanoviola and Yantosh match up to bring together their first collaboration, “Feelings. The DJ and producer duo introduce their latest release through the label Future Rave Music. This label continues to amaze, giving its followers fresh new tracks on a consistent basis, with uncompromising music that definitely turns heads and unleashes any party; this label has become the new hub for hot tracks from up-and-coming artists breaking their way into the electronic dance music scene. “The Feeling” by Torres & Arain and “So Long” by ALEX LNDN ft. Eileen Jaime are some of Future Rave Music’s latest releases that have gained popularity among its listeners.

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This time, Yantosh and Nanoviola team up to bring the best of their skills and abilities to create this powerful Future Rave track that promises to get far and warm the audiences up for an impressive summer of releases, and live shows, raves, and electronic music festivals.

Slovakian DJ and producer Yantosh, is not new to the music scene, having released music through Future Rave Music before alongside his compatriot Bromo; his prominent sound and ever-developing skills, make this young talent a name worthy of attention.

Nanoviola, on the other hand, proposes a new way of music production and performance. Apart from her unrivaled production skills, her signature viola sound matches perfectly with the sounds and characteristics of EDM music, finding a place in the big sounds of Mainstage, Big Room, Future Rave, or Progressive House genres.

“Feelings” is a perfect combination of the sounds Yantosh and Nanoviola are known for, they brought all their skills to the table to mix them and release a powerful Future Rave Anthem that is making its way onto every dancefloor around the world, no matter the size.

The striking string sound opens the track encompassed by ethereal pads. Heavy stabbing synths follow while the intense beat picks everything up to drop it into a sonic splash. Chopped synths and sonic elements that flutter around release the power of the track, and keep the energy levels up.

The string motif appears throughout different moments of the song, sometimes processed as a playful element that keeps the listener and dancer company through the captivating journey that entails the listening experience of this track. The producers built a plateau for processed vocals to lay into, as it serves as a moment for reckoning.

This song is a perfect example of a masterfully produced Future Rave track, and it will surely add more accolades to the growing list of recognition for the artists and the label.

“Feelings” is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.




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