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Nathan Germick Gives Off Depeche Mode Vibes In This New Song!



If you like Depeche Mode or epic synths, then you will become an instant fan of Nathan Germick‘s music. “For The Money” is the lead single from his upcoming album, ‘Goldenboy’ to be released on June 25th. In addition, the San Francisco-based artist has an ethereal singing voice that hypnotizes you as much as the dark atmosphere that surrounds this track. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t be happier with the visuals directed by Nathan’s brother Ryan Germick whose art piece is made up of eye-catching vintage scenes related to the Digital Age boom.

Nathan Germick - For The Money
Best of all, “For The Money” is all about its thought-provoking lyrics while its rich meaning opens up your mind. For certain, Nathan Germick invites everyone to look beyond the end of their own noses. The persistent exposure to new technology not only enslaves the world but also dehumanizes it. Therefore, I can say hand on heart, the negative impacts may be much worse than financial goals. Of course, the clip above serves as a great contradiction behind the main motif of this interesting song. Precisely, the ‘Goldenboy’ album also encapsulates the artist’s skeptical vision regarding social media relying on insecurities and fears.



By Erick Ycaza

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