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New EDM Video For “Deep Inside” By Sarantos



New EDM Video For "Deep Inside" By Sarantos
Is it bad to feel sexy sometimes? To wanna be naughty? The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris, Kygo, Skrillex and Diplo are all the rage and sell out concerts easily so Sarantos sat down one day to take a crack at a similar fun & sultry EDM sexy party song and figured a perfect time to release it would be the end of the summer.

Sarantos tackles a topic most wouldn’t think is in his wheelhouse given his good-natured down-to-earth personality and consistent track record with G/PG-13 rating material. While a sarcastic and fun soul, during the 4 years of nonstop single releases every month, a theme has emerged. Never has a Sarantos song been this explicit and provocative. It’s pretty clear to fans by now that there is no genre Sarantos won’t try and no topic Sarantos won’t write lyrics about but this song takes this to an unprecedented level. While not quite R rated (at least not this version), the innuendo is unmistakable and the double and triple meanings are clear.


“Yep, this sexy EDM song is all about sex,” says Sarantos. “The lyrics are clever enough to be interpreted several different ways but the bouncing beat and catchy melody is the key to this song. I truly believe that this song will be remixed by the DJ community and hopefully, more magic will be made. A few fans have asked me why this is so different than my usual safe zone but I think the song is so open to interpretation that it’ll be well received by many different demographics!”



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