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New EP – EDEN from franskild



New EP – EDEN from franskildI have just discovered great music! Love Ojensa and Tim Soderstrom aka franskild are genuinely creative when it comes to produce music, and probably they’re the best new electronic artists of Denmark. Recently, I was listening to their new EP entitled ‘Eden’, which is going to be released on August 2nd via Sweat It Out! Music.  
Deep House/Dream House/New Wave sounds are contemporary genres of our decade, but I believe this EP is more than just cool music, it’s a powerful sensational thing! I have reviewed two songs, I can’t wait to download them.    
1. Eden  A beautiful synth melody accompanied by dream-like vocals. The tile of this track says it all! Just close your eyes and imagine yourself in a paradise . . . . and liberate your mind.
2. Shards This is my favorite song off this EP. It’s delicious, catchy, and it makes me wanna dance! Also, I love the haunting vocals from Ojensa’s sister Rebekka, she’s talented too. I really enjoyed hearing her voice specially on this track!

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