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A New Range Of Headphones Have Been Created Exclusively For Women



headphones skullcandy girlsA new range of headphones have been created exclusively for women after recent research has proven that males and females hear differently.

Skullcandy has released three styles engineered exclusively for women – the Knockout ($99), the Bombshell ($49), and the Dime ($29) – all designed and cushioned with females in mind.

‘Our engineers adjusted the driver to produce deeper, cleaner bass and very natural sounding vocals that ladies prefer. It’s science. Isn’t science cool?’ the website states.

Research conducted at the Indiana University School of Medicine found that men listen with only one side of their brains, while women use both, causing them have different responses while listening to the same music. These anatomical, acoustical, and behavioral differences in how women experience sound causes women to be more sensitive to high-pitched sounds than men are.

The girls-only headphones look as good as they sound, and are now available in a floral print, pastel blue, and basic black.


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