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New Jewelry Collection For Confident Men



New Jewelry Collection For Confident Men
Men’s jewelry has a vast history, originating in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and India, medieval Europe, and Aztecs and Mayans cultures in America. It was a symbol of power, influence and wealth. Now, it is on the rise again. Men are embracing the craftsmanship that goes into the design and using the masterpieces to stand from the crowd and express their confidence and masculinity.

But let’s face it, if you walk into a jewelry store looking for a non-wedding men’s ring, the offerings are few and awfully boring. This is where Rampant Lion Collections ® comes to light.

The company was founded in the early seventies and started designing and manufacturing men’s Classic Collection more than 20 years ago. Their men’s rings have graced the hands of professional athletes, celebrities, and collectors all over the world.

The hand-sculpted ring designs are inspired by animals, legends, mythology, history, architecture, and heraldry. Many of the rough gemstones used in the jewelry are not available from any other jewelers: Crystalline Silver, Mayan Skystone™, Copper Quartz, and 400 million year old Fossilized Stingray Coral.  Other uncommon gemstone materials include Fossilized Dinosaur Bone, Azurite/Malachite, Tiger Iron, Alaska Red Russian®, and Alaska Rainforest™.

New Jewelry Collection For Confident Men
Now, the company is inaugurating the “Coolest Men’s Rings Around”, an affordable line of products in sterling silver and sterling silver/18k gold. The new line is designed based on the best sellers from their Classic Collection.

You have a limited time opportunity to pre-order the new collection on Kickstarter with 50% discount on sterling silver and 20% on gold, plus, you will be able to customize the ring by selecting a stone from the group of 12 unique gemstone materials. The rings are available for any lifestyle and budget, being priced between $225 and $7,999.

The “Coolest Men’s Rings Around” collection is designed to empower men, compliment their image and give them a competitive edge. It’s your chance to express your personality!

By Erick Ycaza

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