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New Pop/Rock EP ‘Moving On’ by Michelle Vanda



New Pop/Rock EP 'Moving On' by Michelle Vanda
Michelle Vanda
, the promising Chicago singer turned Californian, shares ‘Moving On‘, a back collection of songs in anticipation of a massive rebranding effort, which will be reinforced by new music & visuals.

Michelle’s ethos has always been about adaptability and momentum. Her music reflects a deeper desire to be inclusive of genres, people and most importantly experiences. The release of ‘Moving On’ shares a piece of Michelle with audiences that has been incubated for quite some time. Crafted by Craig Bauer & Adam Bruns, its detailed production and well arranged parts are a playground for Michelle’s voice to intertwine soaring melodies with lyrics of guidance & perspective. Catchy & calming at the same time. Like with any great artist, life dictates process and her process has simply evolved. The music featured in ‘Moving On’ is a prologue to the coming adventure, pillars from which her much awaited new art is built upon. This is a jumping off point from which all Michelle Vanda fans, past and future, will remember as a critical juncture.

‘Moving On’ available now on iTunes & Spotify.

Connect with Michelle: @vandammusic // [email protected]

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