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New Remixes Of JES, Shant & Clint Maximus Collaboration “Hold On”



New Remixes Of JES, Shant & Clint Maximus Collaboration "Hold On"
Exclusively On BEATPORT today! ITUNES and all digital portals July 6th.

JES, the diminutive diva with the big voice returns with the debut release on her new label Intonenation Records. “Hold On” is a hard hitting, Progressive House collaboration with rising stars Shant & Clint Maximus. Rising from a gritty bass groove into a huge vocal refrain the song draws on the emotions of a troubled heart with an ultimately inspiring message. Out today on Beatport is the first round of remixes by FatumNorth2South, and RedCube.

Early Support for the Fatum remix:

Worldwide Premiere On Above & Beyond “Group Therapy” Show 131, Replay on 132
Armin van Burren “A State Of Trance” Episode 715 & 716
Myon and Shane “Track Of The Moment” International Departures Show 281
Super8 & Tab “A State Of Trance” 700 Mumbia Live
JES “Unleash The Beat” Mixshow & Sets
Fatum Guestmix “Anjunabeats Worldwide” Show 433
Clint Maximus “The Edge Radio Show”

Also supporting the full release are Cosmic Gate, Beat Service, Dj Feel, ATB, Tydi, Antonio Giacca, Lange, Sean “Hollywood” Hamilton, Noise Control, Rubicon 7, Torio, Ian Solano, Stan Arwell, Zoltar, Kenneth Thomas, and The Overload.

Fatum Remix Preview:

Layering vast slabs of shimmering synth chord work with uber progressive Trance beats this exhilarating remix is set to become a summer classic. Expect to Shazam this soon.

“I really love the raw energy of the new Fatum remix of ‘Hold On.’ It’s amazing to see how their sound has grown into something truly unique over the past year. I have known them for a while and I’m so happy we got to connect with this remix and bring the fans something exceptional,” states JES.

The package also includes a house remix by North2South and a future house remix by Redcube.

North2South Remix Preview:

UK House devotee’s North2South spin retro influences into a dazzling new sound with an uplifting club mix and radio edit of “Hold On”. Perfectly framing JES’ soulful vocals with a classic choice of instruments and beats the remix takes a time –honored genre to new heights. With house experiencing a strong resurgence in time for the Ibiza season this mix will undoubtedly be gracing the dance floors of the white isle from now until the closing parties.

Redcube Remix Preview:

Dutch future house protégé Red Cube dishes the dirt with a grimy hip shaking remix. Detuned vocals and stark percussive hits are perfectly married with an infectious shuffling beat that sets a dark and intense landscape for JES’ spellbinding vocals. Redefining the meaning of “Dirty Dutch” the Red Cube mix will grind it’s way into your playlists for sure.

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See Dennis Sheperd And Katty Heath In New Music Video, “Losing My Mind”

Without exaggeration, this is one of the greatest Trance anthems of 2020. Check out the fascinating collaboration between Dennis Sheperd and Katty Heath on “Losing My Mind.”



dennis sheperd and katty heath - losing my mind

Without exaggeration, this is one of the greatest Trance anthems of 2020. Check out the fascinating collaboration between Dennis Sheperd and Katty Heath on “Losing My Mind.” I love how the intensity keeps building throughout the entire track. The chorus captures the emotions of someone who is dealing with a challenging situation. Certainly, the strong vocals make the beats roar which catapults this new single into chart success. On a side note, this is not the first time these artists have worked together. In 2016, they teamed up for “Dare To Dream, which is also plenty of meaningful emotions.

In the case of “Losing My Mind,” the German producer and DJ reveals a more intimate work. In fact, it represents all the turmoil he experienced last year. Recently, he surprised his fans with the announcement of his upcoming album. which also revolves around personal struggles and setting aside stigmas. Can’t wait for it…




Reflections, of what could have been
Searching inside, lost track of time
The truth, is so hard to see
Confusion, is hiding the path from me

I feel like I’m losing my mind, it’s so hard to know what is right
I feel like screaming it out and breaking it down
And leaving it all behind
I feel like I’m losing my mind, it’s so hard to know what is right
I feel like screaming it out, and breaking it down
And leaving it all, leaving it all behind

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Subscribe Today! Tempo Waves YouTube Channel Offers Top Trending Songs



Tempo Waves
It is no longer difficult to find top trending songs thanks to Tempo Waves. This excellent YouTube channel offers you a variety of releases under the Trance, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Electro category. Most importantly, I like the fact it is always updated, so you can’t miss what’s fresh from the oven.

Trust me, there are tons of catchy productions you can discover via Tempo Waves. Over the long road, the new music channel wants artists to focus more on producing music rather than putting their energies into marketing stuff. Moreover, Tempo Waves believes music should be free for everyone to listen to. Not to mention, they’re open to supporting producers and singers too. Just send them an e-mail, and don’t forget to subscribe immediately today.



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The Best Remake Of Ian Van Dahl’s “Castles In The Sky” Sung By HALIENE



castles in the sky

Ian Van Dahl‘s “Castles In The Sky” must be one of your favorites timeless sing-along anthems. Music producers MaRLo and Triode along with HALIENE did a great remake of this classic hit. Of course, nothing will be able to surpass the original version that brings us good memories of the 2000s. In any case, I like the new arrangements implemented.

Certainly, chord progressions, high levels of intensity, chorus, and the breakdown are summarized in pure perfection. Dense and propulsive, this track doesn’t lose the essence of the progressive style. Moreover, emotions will uplift any soul, and the visuals clearly make justice to this premise. Right away, you’re about to enjoy an amazing piece of art from certified talents within the contemporary Trance genre. The cover of “Castles In The Sky” is also designed explicitly for DJ use at festivals or clubs. Just cross your fingers and hope the pandemic ends soon. 



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