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New Rock Music You Need To Hear Now By Azure Sky



New Rock Music You Need To Hear Now By Azure Sky
New Rock music alert! Azure Sky delivers a fresh take on the classic sound of Rock and Roll. Meet Brennan Walden, the mastermind behind this artistic solo project. What’s more, I would dare to say loyal fans of The Beatles and the Byrds will fall in love with his debut album, ‘The End Of A Decade’. On top of that, you can relive the magic of the 60s, through the twelve acoustic guitar songs.

Forget about aggressive heavy drums and tough riffs, here the soft rockish flavor rules! In particular, his chill-induced vocals give life to varied ballads. Therefore, it’s pretty hard to pick a favorite since all of them are simply great. If hot cocoa always calmed my nerves, then, I’m sure this contemporary record produces the same effects too. Do yourself a favor and add it to your quarantine discoveries right away.



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