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New Track “Loneliness” Joins Pet Shop Boys Hits Collection



pet shop boys hits
This brand new song called “Loneliness” takes its rightful place among the Pet Shop Boys hits. Not to mention, its music video directed by Alasdair McLellan is completely phenomenal from start to end.

The Pet Shop Boys Hits Just Keep on Coming

Without a doubt, if there’s one thing that has always characterized the Pet Shop Boys, it’s the introspective nature of their songs. With thoughtful lyrics, all their catchy anthems reflect today’s society, and “Loneliness” is no exception.

Sincerely, it doesn’t matter how long they have been active in the music industry, the Pet Shop Boys don’t stop making certified jams. They’re pumping out classics left and right, and it’s no wonder they’re already considered legends!

Best of all, the upcoming album, ‘Nonetheless,’ due out on April 26th, is produced alongside James Ford. Furthermore, the new songs highlight the multiple emotions that make us human, making it an incredibly relatable project for everyone.

You can expect danceable tunes but also interesting Electro-Pop ballads. Each composition tells a deep story and they will be accompanied by cinematic visuals too.

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‘Nonetheless’ Tracklist

1. ‘Loneliness’
2. ‘Feel’
3. ‘Why Am I Dancing?’
4. ‘New London Boy’
5. ‘Dancing Star’
6. ‘A New Bohemia’
7. ‘The Schlager Hit Parade’
8. ‘The Secret Of Happiness’
9. ‘Bullet For Narcissus’
10. ‘Love Is The Law’

Not gonna lie, I’m a huge Pet Shop Boys stan. But seeing them live? Whole other experience. Changed my life, no joke.

You owe it to yourself if they’re your faves too. Check out Electro Wow’s concert review here.



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