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Nine Lives Breaks Sound Barriers With Remix of Louis The Child’s “It’s Strange”



nine lives
If you had nine lives to live, what would you do with them? Perhaps you’d finally be free to express that part of you that normally lies dormant and imprisoned by the boundaries of the identity you’ve built. Would you reinvent yourself as someone or something else? The liberation that comes with anonymity breaks down boundaries of all sorts, from the personal to the sonic. An enigmatic presence has recently emerged out of the shadows and into the airwaves of dance music; aptly known as Nine Lives, the duo recently teased us with their trap-influenced, chilled-out remix of MORTEN‘s “Beautiful Heartbeat”. Now Nine Lives is back for round two with their take on Louis The Child‘s “It’s Strange”, which put the teenage duo solidly on the map and is featured on the FIFA 16 video game.


Nine Lives‘s remix of “It’s Strange” breaks sonic barriers with its unique and seamless blend of melodic electronica and relaxed trap. K. Flay‘s raspy vocals lend an emotive contrast to the instrumentals, carrying the listener through the track’s duration as the dreamy basslines help them discover their bodies’ inner rhythm. With two commendable remixes released, Nine Lives has piqued the interest of critics, artists and fans alike. Stay tuned for more from the dance scene’s newest duo in 2016 as they release a steady stream of productions and let the music do the talking.

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