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No Playlist Is Complete Without Drew Ramz’s Rap Gem “Dreaming”



No Playlist Is Complete Without Drew Ramz's Rap Gem "Dreaming"
Be sure to listen to the latest Rap gem from Drew Ramz. His collaboration with the emerging Romanian singer Tokyo is appropriately titled “Dreaming. No doubt, it’s a tune that will bristle your skin due to its abundant romantic lines. Moreover, lyrics are drenched with the nectar of desires, illusions, and plans for tomorrow with the love of your life. Most importantly, I can guarantee the combination of their contrasting voices is like pouring honey into your ears. Stream “Dreaming “in full via Spotify.

Written by the rapper himself and Andre Russell, results speak for themselves. As a curious fact, Drew met Tokyo on Instagram and decided to work together despite the long miles that distance them. Just when you discover such artists who offer sexy and slow music in order to reignite flames of passion, you realize there is more than one reason to add this Rap gem to your urban playlist. So, get ready to hear “Dreaming” over and over again without getting tired of it.



By Erick Ycaza

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