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NYC Musician Taylor March Releases An Alternative Folk Rock EP



Taylor March
NYC Musician Taylor March proudly releases a three-track EP, entitled ‘Kill Your Sirens’. Drawing on his artistic achievements he has been fortunate to play at the Mondo Music Festival & SoFarSounds NYC. Undoubtedly, this recent project allows him to put his name on the map of Alt Rock and Folk music. It’s really exceptional, to say the least, primarily because his voice is amazing and the lyrics are filled with interesting imagery. Therefore, I can’t pick a favorite, probably you will end up listening to this short EP over and over again… Scroll down to read my track-by-track review.

1 — Crystalize Lyrically, there’s deep introspection and eventually, Taylor draws conclusions on his loving relationship. Of course, his thoughts are crystal clear, he accepts his mistakes and prefers to leave his lover. On the other hand, soft and hard-hitting acoustics will keep Rock fans happy.

2 – Interlude The intro of this track is pretty long and he wants listeners to focus exclusively on its progressive nature. With the opening phrase, “If you didn’t come home to me last night”, a bit of drama and passion are part of this story. You can feel his emotions too.

3 – Thomas Its frenetic energy produced by the rockish guitars and intense instrumentation is still an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, I like the way he sings directly from his heart. We will never know who is Thomas, but everyone should be captivated with his storytelling abilities.

Overall, the ‘Kill Your Sirens’ EP is one of his best works to date, so stay tuned for new tracks in 2019.



By Erick Ycaza

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