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One Of The Best House Music Classics Of 1990 Got Revamped!



Rediscover a timeless hit from Bizarre Inc. and Angie Brown called “I’m Gonna Get You. To be more precise, this is a fresh remake that’s recapturing the House music classics 1990 era.

Some decades ago, both artists unwittingly birthed such a great banger, which became a global sensation. Right from the start, you can tell it’s adorned with irresistible vocals and housey sounds.

Preserving the Essence of House Music

Just last month, Angie Brown unveiled a revamped version of her classic tune. This time around, the talented singer has partnered with Armada Music to infuse a fresh energy into the memorable song, maintaining the essence that made it a success.

Adding a contemporary twist to the classic is Angie’s son, Cuba, who now echoes the iconic “Yo DJ Pump This Party” opening. Together, mother and son are igniting a resurgence of interest in the modern version, ensuring that it resonates with a new generation of partygoers just as it did decades ago.

house music classics 1990
Angie Brown Is Reclaiming the House Throne with a Slammin’ Remake

For sure, Angie Brown is snatchin’ back her crown as the House Queen with this slammin’ remake! In addition, it seems she’s straight up dominating the House music charts again.

What’s cool is watching Angie adapt over the years while still reppin’ her roots. She knows how to keep a party fresh without losing the good vibes. Plus, her skills on the mic are as tight as ever too, proving she’s still the G.O.A.T. after all these decades.

Lastly, Angie’s story is proof that a true gem can stand the test of time. Even after blowing up the dancefloor way back when she still had a mad love for House music in her heart.



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