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Just In: Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers



Just In: Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers

Style and fashion are not only women’s forte now. Men also strive to look fashionable. Be it clothes or shoes, men also update their wardrobe on regular basis.

Onitsuka Tiger sneakers, with their one of the kind look, have particularly caught attention of our young generation these days. Founded in Japan in 1949, Onitsuka Tiger is one of the oldest shoemakers. Initially started off as Onitsuka Co Ltd after the name of the military Officer, Kihachiro Onitsuka, the purpose of the company was to empower youth with self-esteem through athletics. The first shoe this company made was for basketball and it resembles a straw sandal. It got rejected initially but finally .in 1952, after adding more tit bits to the initial design, a final version for basketball was created which immediately became popular among the masses.

There are several Onitsuka Tiger sneakers that were released in the following decades that stirred excitement among the crowds. All these different styles were created around mid 60’s to late 80’s. They were mainly used as running shoes at that time. One of these styles is called Serrano. These sneakers were introduced in 1970s as track running shoes. Another shoe style is the Ultimate 81. All technical runners preferred wearing ultimate 81 for perfect running at that time. This was because they provided great support and cushioning for a shoe made in that era, thus making a very comfortable experience. However now they are used casually in daily routine. Another important creation by the Onitsuka Company is the Mexico 66. These are distinct from other shoes as they were the first shoe with the Onitsuka stripes over them. These stripes on these shoes became widely popular. These were first introduced in 1966 but still remain to be the hot favorite of the young generation. They are called Mexico 66 because they were made for the athletes going to the Olympic games in Mexico in 1968. They are available in different versions featuring suede, leather or textile uppers. All these uppers make this style a durable one. All these different styled shoes are now conveniently worn by the youth in their daily activities. This is because all the shoe makers kept improving their technology over the time and hence these became classic sneakers for every day use.

Omitsuka Tiger Sneakers have become a preffered choice of players of any sport throughout the world in the 70’s. This is because they offered a wide variety of shoes; all in different design and texture. The fashion of Tiger Stripes is never going to get old so people prefer wearing these sneakers. Onitsuka Tiger sneakers are also gaining popularity because of the vast variety of sports they cater to such as football, running, martial arts, basketball, cheerleading, volleyball, cross-training, track and field, wrestling, golf, cricket, fencing, and tennis. No wonder these athletic shoes are a hit among sneakers for men today.

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