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Organisers Charged Over 2010 Love Parade Stampede



The dance event, that took place in the city of Duisberg, ran into trouble four years ago when a stampede in a tunnel created led to the deaths of 21 people and left many more injured. As a result the event, which had run from 1969, was shut down permanently.
Now BBC news reports that charges have been brought against four of the organisers and six of the adminstrators of the city of Duisberg. The charges relate to negligent manslaughter and bodily harm.
“An event where people wanted to party, dance and have fun, turned into a terrible tragedy,” said chief prosecutor Horst Bien at a press conference. “21 people had to die, hundreds were injured… The victims, their relatives and the bereaved are still suffering today because of the traumatic events.” Claims state that police urged organisers to move the event due to growing levels of attendance, with 1.4 million people attending the 2010 event.

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