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Paris Hilton Has Been A Raver Since She Was 15



Last year, Paris Hilton surprised everyone by holding up a summer residency at Ibiza mega-club Amnesia. (Or was it actually Amnesia that surprised everyone?). Either way, it cemented the socialite’s place in the dance-music world, and sadly, she’s become a part of its history. Of course, she’s taken her share of knocks along the way, but it seemingly hasn’t stopped her from playing gigs all over the world and teaming up with some shitty/commercial EDM producers. So, as she puts together her next album with overrated musicians, she took a few minutes to field questions on her DJ career from V Magazine, and she revealed that she has been going to rave parties since she was 15 years old.
Ok… we all know Paris was a promiscuous girl, but we didn’t know she was actually a raver LOL.
I’m not sure if we should believe her words.

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