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Paris Jones Announces Album Release Date And Title



mayParis Jones is on his fifth Installment EP of the year. ‘The May’ EP represents his more laid back style. The Album artwork features one of his diehard fans and she is also on the introduction track “When Your World Looks Kinda Weird”. The Month of May had some key accomplishments take place. His music is now available on Spotify and will be on Pandora within the next month. These accomplishments gives him a much larger reach on bigger more credible platforms.

With all that happened in the month of May, Paris finally release his Cover Art and Date for his new album titled Shakers. The album is set to release on January 26, 2015 and a tour is in the works for the release of the album. You can pre-order Shakers on, this album is a product of Hip Hop’s continuous evolution and expansion.

shakersThe monthly EP’s are to represent what Hip Hop is and will be in the future. This new Experimental Hip Hop genre Paris is perfecting will be a reflection of his new album ‘Shakers’. This album will help mold the culture to what it’s supposed be. Which is for an Artist to be creative and produce what he wants vs. what’s trending at the moment. What’s trending at the moment is considered late and not acceptable within the Hip Hop culture.

To learn more about Paris Jones check out these links:

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