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Partygoer Refused Entrance To Nightclub Because Of Her Tattoos



Partygoer thinks nightclub policy is too extreme!

partygoerMiki Lane, a partygoer (tattooed lady) and her boyfriend were turned away from a nightclub by bouncers because they had visible body art. Miki Lane, 23, and her partner Jason Barker, 24, were told they could not enter Club Amadeus in Northallerton because they had tattoos on their arms. The pair were told by security staff that it was club policy not to allow people with body art into the premises.

The partygoer, who works in a tattoo shop, was wearing a sleeveless dress when she tried to get into the club with her boyfriend. She told bouncers she would be willing to cover up by wearing her jacket, but they said this was not allowed as all jackets had to be placed in the cloakroom.

Miss Lane claims that the club’s bouncers were wrong to turn her and her boyfriend away from the club because of their tattoos. She claimed that her 23 tattoos are artistic and in no way offensive.

Do you agree with this club policy? Yes/No let us know your opinion.

tattoed woman

Today, one in five people have tattoos, it’s getting more socially acceptable, so it’s wrong to stereotype people who have them as thugs. In the past I know tattoos have had negative connotations, but these days I would say more than half the people have them.

Personally, I don’t like tattoos but I am very respectful with people’s creative life.

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