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Pau Mueller’s “Suiza” Speaks Love Through Romantic Reggaeton!



Absolutely, love can be as addictive as Swiss chocolate. With that concept in mind, the super-talented singer Pau Mueller delivers a romantic Reggaeton that encourages you to dance and get back in touch with those sweet vibes all over again.

One way or another, what makes her Spanish love song, “Suiza” extra special are the relatable lyrics and the melodies that easily stick in your head.

As a matter of fact, Pau Mueller has been getting better and better since she won the Vocal Star singing contest at only 14. At present, I would dare to say she’s at the same level as other Latin stars of our time like Rosalia and Karol G.

Romantic Reggaeton

The rising Swiss-Cuban sensation who was raised in the vibrant streets of Havana is leaving an indelible mark. Moreover, the acclaimed producer Oscar Hernández, known for his work with top celebrities like Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, lends his expertise to “Suiza.”

Unquestionably, the result is a romantic Reggaeton gem that seamlessly blends her emotive delivery with innovative production. In essence, a sonic treat that will engage your senses, language aside.

Best of all, this new single is rapidly gaining widespread recognition, and playlist curators and music bloggers are loving it!



By Erick Ycaza

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