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Peppermint Heaven Talk About An Incredible Remix Package In New Interview



Peppermint Heaven Interview 2016

I had the pleasure to have a second interview with the Chicago based band Peppermint Heaven. This time we talked about their brand new remix package which is suitable in particular for fans of Drum and Bass music. In fact, many music critics are adoring their latest material and I was curious enough to ask them everything about this successful project. Read all the interview here:

1 – What have you most excited about releasing a remix package for “Talk To Me” and “Decide 4 Yourself?”

Juno: We’re most excited to be working with two new collaborators – Lynx and Chords – both Drum and Bass legends! It’s great to hear our songs taken to another level in another genre. These guys both have a special talent.

Spark: Also, they’ve kept the integrity of the songs more than the house mixes that we’ve had done in the past. We love what they’ve done.

2 – How did you meet DJs Lynx and Chords? What were the results of this collaboration?

Juno: Actually, we met through a music service called Music Gateway. A lot of labels and producers are on Music Gateway. It’s a great place to make creative connections.

3 – Are you big fans of Drum and Bass Music? Why is it so special?

Spark: It has such a great energy and the fans are quite enthusiastic. We’re actually surprised that our songs work so well in the Drum and Bass world. It’s opening new doors for us for sure.

4 – Why were the other tracks from your album Precious Things not included in this remix package?

Juno: Actually, Lynx has remixed two more tracks from Precious Things – “Loneliness” and “Words Colliding” and Chords has remixed “Stranger Than Fiction.” These will all be released soon, so keep an eye out.

5 – How advanced is the progression of your next album and when it will be released?

Spark: We’re mixing the next album as we speak and expect it out in the Spring of 2017.

6 – What do you love most about your upcoming album?

Spark: We’re branching out a bit more with some different sounds on this album. It’s not so 80s oriented as Precious Things.

Juno: We recorded the basic tracks for Precious Things in three days. With the new album, we’ve taken several weeks. More production value on this one!

7 – What upcoming events are on your schedule?

Juno: For now, we’re in the studio. Hopefully, we’ll be performing and promoting the new album next year.

8 – Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Spark: Still making great music for our great fans!

9 – Are you planning to release another animated music video as usual?

Spark: We’ll probably go in a different direction for the new album – live action or a different style of animation. We’re excited to reach new creative heights visually with our new album.

10 – Where on the Internet can we download your music and get updated with your latest releases?

Juno: Check us out on iTunes, SoundCloud and Amazon.

Spark: And Facebook, Twitter and the rest. See you there!

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