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“Perros” An Upbeat Reggaeton Song To Help You Stop Worrying So Much



There are so many upbeat Reggaeton songs out there but none will compare to Elilluminari and VillaBanks‘ latest hit “Perros. If you need to ward off your worries, then this is the ideal tune for you. When the body feels good, the mind does too. As a result, dancing is considered a form of exercise and the best stress reliever. Funnily, the Spanish lyrics of “Perros” talk sexy and naughty things without any sense. Plus, the Dembow-like beats are totally dope.

upbeat Reggaeton

Inspired by the phrase, men are like dogs, the figure of speech these guys are using in this song is personification. Besides their infectious punchlines and wordplay, you’ll also hear dog barking sounds. Anyway, without considering myself a scientist, I’m pretty sure Latin dance music can help you contain your worrying for a couple of minutes. Just remember that managing your stress levels on a daily basis is essential for your health. Taking this into account, this blog features tons of upbeat Reggaeton reviews and music videos that might be of your interest.

As strange as it may seem, just let your spirit be free and possessed by the warm beats of “Perros.” It really doesn’t matter what these street poets say in another language. Eventually, all you want is to feel better.



By Erick Ycaza

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