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Pet Shop Boys’ New Song Sounds Like “Gangnam Style”



Pet Shop Boys' New Song Sounds Like "Gangnam Style"
Pet Shop Boys
have unveiled today a new track from their 2016 album, entitled “Happiness”. Electro Pop fans on social media have compared this track to “Gangnam Style” a popular K-Pop tune by South Korean singer PSY. We all know that this song spawned memes, tributes and with over two billion views on YouTube, is the most-watched video in the world.

However, In my personal opinion, I don’t know if this was a clever move on their music career because not so many fans feel happy with this rhythm. Anyway, it wasn’t released as a single, it is just part of their new album. And I’m sure the’ll have better surprises than this in the upcoming weeks!

Watch the two videos below, compare the tracks, and get your own conclusions!

Pet Shop Boys – Happiness

PSY – Gangnam Style

By Erick Ycaza

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