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Pet Shop Boys´ “Paninaro” New 2011 Version



 A Russian singer named Mitya Fomin has made a new version of the Pet Shop Boys´ classic hit single “Paninaro”. The real concept of this song is about an 80s youth Italian subculture known as the paninari, who used to wear  Armani clothe and they also used to congregate at fast food restaurants. A very interesting fact about this song is that Chris Lowe provides the majority of vocals, something that is not common, ´cos Neil Tennant is the lead singer of the duo. I have uploaded three different versions, the original that was made in 1986, the 90s version and the current version, which is basically a cover. Now you can compare which one is the best. Personally, I prefer the 90s version, my favorite part is when Chris sings repeatedly Armani Armani Ar-Ar-Armani . . . .



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