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This Sounds Great! Peter Singer Kicks Off 2020 With “Eternal You”



This Sounds Great! Peter Singer Kicks Off 2020 With "Eternal You"
The oriental-esque melody and tumbling drums at the beginning of “Eternal You”, lead to a radio-friendly tune with a spiritual concept. If I’m not wrong, lyrics, as well as its artwork, makes you question things like life after death and reincarnation. In case you haven’t heard before of Peter Singer, now is the time to discover his interesting songwriting skills.

Inspired by different eras and cultures and influenced by The Beatles, Genesis, and ELO, I could describe “Eternal You” as authentic. To a certain degree, he also incorporates a philosophical topic that encapsulates a deep message. Add to this, an anthemic chorus thanks to the catchy backing vocals.

On a side note, the American drummer/singer is working out on the last details of his upcoming debut album which will be released soon. Despite the fact this is the first time he goes solo on a music project, Peter has extensive experience as a former member of bands like Frontier Pilots, Beatle Juice, Vital Signs, Hush, Horizon, and many more… Stay tuned on his socials below.



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