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Pheromone Perfume Fashion: Fragrances Application And Usage



Pheromone Perfume Fashion: Fragrances Application And Usage
Pheromones are attraction hormones that are secreted ideally to impact the behavior of creatures/people other than ourselves. The most common use of pheromones is to trigger sexual behavior. In this article, we read about their application, usage, and ways to get the most out of them.

Pheromone perfumes have been made with human grade pheromones to increase attraction of the opposite sex. Men and women secrete different pheromones and there are different pheromone perfumes for him and her.

One such perfume that has gotten rave reviews from those who have used it is RawChemistry’s pheromone perfume. It has had positive reviews from those who have used it. It is said to have a great smell and has silk based moisturizing effect on the sensitive skin. Raw chemistry products are all alcohol-free and have a blend of natural oils that protect your skin while maximizing the staying power of the scent. Coming up with the best pheromone perfume is serious science that entails using research that points to the effects pheromones have on the hypothalamus and other emotional centers of the brain, where basic human needs, like comfort and love, are rooted.


The application of pheromone perfumes is keen on maximizing on one’s sweet spot. This is the spot where you get the most from your perfume products. In essence, these spots are usually the ones that emit the most heat on our bodies to help in diffusion of the perfume. Diffusion is essentially how the perfume/scent are emitted to those around us from us. In men, some of the sweet spots include Adam’s apple, the chest, sides of jawline, scalp or head especially if one has a close cut hairdo. Pheromone perfume can also be applied on clothing though one has to apply about twice as much as you would compare to the application on direct skin.

In women, the sweet spots are on the wrists, neck, back of the ears and folds of the elbow. Generally, any pulse point on the body is a sweet spot for women and is the case even with normal perfume.

How to Use Pheromone Perfumes

Prolonged usage of pheromones could lead to pheromone build up. This basically means that if the perfume was working for you, it may stop or there could be a considerable drop in effectiveness. Pheromone application areas need to be cleaned thoroughly to avoid build up as well.

The use of pheromones should be limited to the minimum concentration for the sake of your skin. Most people might think that the more pheromones you use mean the higher or more the attraction. This is not the case and might just lead to getting yourself sick or intimidating the very people you’re out to impress. The adage that too much of anything is poisonous rings true even to the use of pheromones.

Everybody desires to attract people. According to the reviews on Raw Chemistry’s website, the perfumes seem to be emitting the desired effects to those who are using them. It is evident however that they should be used cautiously as they have side effects that may not always be pleasant.

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