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Portland’s Most Stylish Band, Séance Crasher, Drops “Chemistry”



Stylish and with a unique retro fashion, the music of the Portland band Séance Crasher is truly catchy. You have to watch the music video for their latest single, “Chemistry,” mainly because it’s a piece of artistry!

These inventive guys form part of the Literal Gold Recording family, and their sound has been described as Midnight Pop. Moreover, I believe they draw inspiration from old-fashioned detective movies, which might explain the aura of mystery surrounding the visuals of “Chemistry” as well, and I absolutely love it!

Besides that, “Chemistry” has the vibe of a singalong anthem, the kind where you can joyfully repeat the chorus aloud. Plus, their signature 80s-esque synths will leave you grooving to the irresistible beat.

Séance Crasher

In case you didn’t know, Séance Crasher consists of members like Charlie Brown on keyboards, Cory Limuaco on drums, and Peter Knudsen, who manages guitar, bass, and vocals.

Talking about the “Chemistry” lyrics, they’re all about a crazy, intense romantic bond that makes no sense and can’t be tamed. It’s an incredible effect that occurs when two people are super into each other and just can’t help themselves.

Without question, their ability to capture the nature of an uncontrollable romantic connection in a song deserves praise.



By Erick Ycaza

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