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Canadian Duo Post Death Soundtrack Release Stunning Album ‘It Will Come Out Of Nowhere’



Album Review: Post Death Soundtrack - It Will Come Out Of Nowhere
Post Death Soundtrack
hail from Vancouver, Canada and they are known in the blogosphere as a unique duo who explore terrains of experimental music. Without a doubt, the ‘It Will Come Out Of Nowhere’ album reaffirms that. Perhaps, some of you might think each song features a bizarre structure as they combine their Industrial essence with non-traditional elements such as Trip-Hop, Ambient Psychedelia, and even Electronica. Best of all, you won’t get bored at all because they provide versatility. I would recommend this album only if you’re into dark music. I know in this blog we are used to uplifting happy rhythms, but sometimes we need to try new things. Anyway, this is the ideal time to do so. Don’t be afraid to discover a different kind of atmosphere backed with rich instrumentation. Check out my track-by-track review below.

1 — Chosen Sons Get ready for heavy sounds, harsh growls, and explicit lyrics. Of course, the energy levels are high as expected in a good album opener.

2 — Crumbs I’m enjoying this so far. Their heavy melodic style does not cease as well as the abrasive growls. However, this is also combined with clean vocals + insane drums and guitars.

3 — Dark Matter Taking influence from electronic music, this one clearly differs from the previous two tracks. Curiously, the song begins softly leading you to focus on the obscure verses, but it ends up very loud, which is sonically dynamic.

4 — Expect No Sympathy Believe it or not, this is the type of songs that help us to purge emotions like anger. I simply love its title, and the rest of it, which revolves around being free.

5 — Ripples In The Living Dream What a great Industrial-esque intro! Sincerely, this is my favorite track from this album. With intriguing atmospherics/synths it drives a non-stop beat till the end, add to this the fantastic guitars too. Perfection!

Post Death Soundtrack
6 — Ramona Hills
You can expect a haunted cinematic sound, and probably this is the most Experimental tune I’ve ever heard so far. There are no vocals, just close your eyes and feel the chill out waves.

7 — Benediction This one is pretty different from the rest, due to its sonic oriental magnetism. I don’t know why I could easily associate this wonderful tune with a modern version of the dance of the seven veils. Authentic!

8 – Piercing The Veil There’s an eerie feel to it from beginning to end. Overall, this composition is channeling slow in tempo songs from the likes of Radiohead or Nirvana.

9 — Fallout Ideal for a trance-trip, I like the use of vocoders on this one, and there’s a transition from mellow to upbeat rhythms once again.

10 — Pathless Land Definitely, it keeps a cinematic/monotonous feel, lowering the vocals and avoiding the introduction of growls or the duo’s typical Metal fury.

11 — Bridge Burner The head-banging rockish nature of this track is beyond discussion. They fuse aggressive lines of Metal and Hardcore, providing listeners a breathtakingly ending.

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