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Pretty Weird Blonde Is Defining A New Era Of Music, Listen To “bitcoin boi”



Pretty Weird Blonde
Bizarre but cool! You’ll really love the authenticity behind the unconventional project of Pretty Weird Blonde. A rising artist that claims to communicate with aliens and transform her experiences into songs.

Believe it or not, she’s currently defining a new era of music that goes beyond the standards of Pop, and even more with her latest release, “bitcoin boi.Certainly, the popular cryptocurrency is on everyone’s lips, and today it’s in the lyrics of this fun track.

The galactic singer-songwriter charms you by virtue of disrupting narratives and a touch of sexiness. Needless to say, “bitcoin boi” has been put just in time when almost all your friends around you are winning big thanks to the digital currency.

Furthermore, she sounds incredibly hypnotizing during the entire 3 minutes of this record. The melodic cut takes things into slow motion until the drop offers an amazing twist.

Pretty Weird Blonde is one to look out for. Such perfect analogies and metaphors make “bitcoin boi” the best crypto-centric song you have ever heard. Besides, here the verses are quite hilarious resulting from her particular sense of humor.

It’s another well-deserved milestone for her career given the fact “bitcoin boi” surpassed 24K streams on Spotify promptly.

A lot has changed in the music industry over the last decades. And she’s part of a generation ready to revolutionize it while aiming for a renewed meaning.



By Erick Ycaza

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