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Producer & Artist COY Swede Drops His Debut EP ‘Blast From The Past’



Blast From The Past
COY Swede
now opens a new chapter and releases his debut album/EP ‘Blast From The Past. It is set to drop on Friday, March 11th, 2022.

The 5 newly written tracks are carefully selected and well-produced, created in collaboration with more established artists and mastering audio engineers.

Boldly taking the chance to release his debut EP as an independent artist amid the noise of those many great artists releasing this year and the right now extreme genre blurred music industry. This total drop of gems is meant to sound a little retro with his own vibe and touch of the future. And secondly, there is almost no limit to how genre-wide this producer and artist has in terms of capacity. His extreme creative journey has just started.

The first track “Running Back To You” is out since the 25th of February which also is the focus track of the debut album.

“Running Back To You” is all about the feeling when you become a bit nostalgic about a person you once loved, where it didn’t work out between you two. Now you are left with the feelings of what might have been, but you won’t let it drag you down. Like a dream of young love, you can go back to. He also invites people to share their own thoughts about the track and invites them to come to his Instagram. COY Swede

About the album or EP

“Blast From The Past” is the artist’s most creative and largest project to date. The project will reflect a time era and variation with a taste of the future and different genres. New artist collaborations are presented with, among others, Joey Diggs Jr. In two of the songs.

More collaborations are in both songwriting and singing with Quincy Thompson and Mariami.

COY Swede collaborates with James Auwarter from Coda Room Audio, a Grammy award-winner for mastery who has worked with artists such as Kanye West, Rihanna, Ludacris.

So get that thumbs up, click pointers and get on the streaming services, and listen and follow this guy. Get on Spotify, Itunes, Deezer, Amazon Music, or other services for this great music he will serve us.

Later, COY Swede has promised to tell the full story behind every track on his website, as he has done with the other tracks. Later this summer more cool things and collaborations are in motion for some of these new tracks. A hint, future vehicles.

So do follow COY Swede for what is coming. Come by and say hello on his Instagram.

The lead track “Running Back To You” is already out and the debut album/EP ‘Blast From The Past’ lands this Friday.



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