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Prolific Interview 2014



prolific_interviewHip Hop/EDM DJ Prolific chats to Electro WOW, about his career as an artist and also his thoughts on today’s music industry. He reveals everything!

1 – When did you start your career as a DJ?

I was sitting in this douchebag rich kids studio who just thought he was the shit because daddy had money when he told me I could start djing today and I’d never be better than him. The next day I bought tables and a vestax 05 and within 6 months to a year was able to destroy dude. I was already able to play multiple instruments, bboying, and rapping but it was a necessary step in my evolution as an artist.

2 – Who mentored you?

I mean a ton of really cool people have helped me. Before I was really good enough to battle and be taken seriously I trained like a shaolin monk everyday. Food puff puff scratch juggle practice routine repeat everyday. Once I go on the level guys like Immortal (Director of Scratch Academy Miami) Klever (2x Dmc Champion) Shotgun (Goody Mob’s Dj) and others took me in for sessions and helped mold a more diversified style after seeing what I was doing and helping me freak it and eventually I was making a grip of fresh tablist no headphone needle drop routines and this was before the serato digital game came into play.

3 – How many DJ battles have you participated in?

There have been so many I’d say maybe between 50-100 and I mean anything like local stuff to dmc’s, dma mag, kool mix, guitar center, wmc battles, Lavelas battles, and smaller stuff. I used the battle scene to get my buzz going and help push me into the underground hip hop bookings the big battles I was doing with B-boy and the Drum and bass scene.

4 – What do you like the most about EDM music?

It connects us. Imagine 99% of people living and breathing have no idea about their life force their energy their ability to vibrate and those who aren’t believers experience some EDM events and through the music it helps people open up and change up their frame of reference and understand we as a singular are nothing but we as humanity with a positive impact and vibration together can accomplish and progress so much more. Anytime I make a track or play a show it’s about unity, love, and evolution for all the people that are listening or are at the show. If you were to ask me what I love about EDM it’s love itself. If you can’t love yourself you can’t love anyone else and I don’t mean like relationship love I’m speaking of empathy selflessness and showing people love even when they show hate to show them they are only damaging themselves and those around them when they spread negativity. Connecting with people and teaching them a path of Peace, Love, Unity and respect is what it’s all about. People like me are pure old souls infused with knowledge and wisdom, a lot of times I’m passed up on bookings or releases for artists who will sell their soul to further their career their self respect anything they don’t care. You see how guys come out with one track that gets pushed and then they fall off. I’ve released over 100 records in ten years in a lot of different genres. I can go into any environment and succeed any genre when you push play on a Prolific track that’s what you are getting.

5 – Is Hip Hop a dead music genre? Why?

Well it’s not that it’s dead it’s that the Illuminati the corporations what ever you want to call the controlling force that owns everything clear channel the labels and when they helped the digital push out places like fat beats and anything independent all outlets were crushed and unable to compete. Imagine your local radio, tv, and any other station plays the same 100 songs in rotation over and over and over and over. Mtv used to play entire videos and push music now it’s all over saturated FAKE reality tv. People are becoming less intelligent and less connected. They aren’t playing something with a message that is positive and educational they are playing music that is putting people in a negative frame of reference therefore the real Mc’s out there have no voice because they have no channel to stay relevant to the masses. Most people who are on the radio or that type of spot light don’t write their own lyrics they don’t write their own beats hell they probably aren’t even in tune with the track until they are told by a manager to show up at a studio and spit a track they don’t even believe in. Imagine an artists made to paint a picture he hasn’t even seen in his mind or has the passion for he’s doing it for monetary gain. Hip-hop and any music is based on love not money. When you take the love out and put money in you see what happens. You see some of the festival acts not even djing playing a pre mixed set or controller dj with no soul in it! The corporations have came in to dumb down and monopolize yet another industry. Hopefully being that EDM has such a strong underground presence we can oust those whom are attempting to infiltrate and destroy the art of the scene and what it was founded on.

6 – Would you change your turntable for a digital mixer?

Never I’d go out like the guys in 300 before I did some shit like that. Death before dis honor

7 – Are you currently touring the world?

6blocc aka Raw and I have done some extensive touring globally. And the past year have both been churning out some hot products I’m sure later in the summer we will put some dates together and do it like we do it! 4 tables 2 mixers two samplers with Cojaxx on the mic. It’s one hell of a show and so much more flavorful for the crowd then just some guy standing there mixing or some controller dj twisting knobs. Promoters do me a favor put on a LIVE SHOW that’s what the people want! My last show at Iris in Atlanta it was crazy so many fans were like we’ve never even seen turntables or anything like that

8 – What’s the name of your latest record?

Prolific “Anthems of a Desolate Wasteland” go check it out !

9 – Do you feel proud of FOULPLAYRECORDS? How can artists contact you?

I started Foul Play back in 03 with the help of Prodigal Son. It’s been a great experience to see us grow from working with every major vinyl distributor out there to now having one of the strongest digital distribution outlets out there! Any artists wanting to submit content need to email

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