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Quickfire Interview With: David Anthony



David Anthony Interview

David Anthony is an American producer, mix engineer, sound designer, and DJ known for his unique style and timeless electronic music pieces. With over 20 years of solid experience, his career started back in the 90s and today he shows no signs of stopping.

His most recent release, “Make You Work, featuring Natalis on vocals is a House gem full of chill vibes. Get to know the artist in this quickfire interview.

1 — Best Artist In The World?

Stevie Wonder is the greatest artist. Quincy Jones is the greatest producer.

2 — How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music since I was 14 and professionally since I was 19.

3 — Favourite genre of music?

House Music in all the flavours is my favorite genre.

4 — Where do your influences come from?

I love 80 Soul music and 90 House music.

5 — Describe your new single “Make You Work” in 3 words.

Work of Art- I poured my heart into the arrangement, everything in this song for me is what I wanted to do and say. I wouldn’t change one thing on it.

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6 — Best studio equipment?

My racked vintage MCI 500 series stereo channel strip… I and Darryl James and Todd Terry used this board to produce a bunch of House records back in the ’90s.

7 — Worst habit?

Working too much and drinking coffee. Sometimes you have to go out, enjoy life, and leave the studio. But it’s hard I love it so much.

8 — Biggest career achievement?

Several proud achievements but most recently produced and co-wrote “Make You Feel Like” for Junge Junge Universal Sweden. Big record for me almost 30 million streams.

9 — Best DJ you have ever seen live?

So many great DJs but my favorite is watching Todd Terry and Kenny Dope of Masters at Work. These guys are just incredible when they spin.

10 — Best piece of advice you have ever received?

Don’t be afraid to step into your greatness because if you yourself don’t believe it, why would anyone else.



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