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Quickfire Interview With: DOVLEY



DOVLEY Interview
With a touch of House and Soul music, DOVLEY shines on her most recent club-ready single “Be About It.” Besides being an accomplished singer and label head of Cromadiscope Records, she’s also known for her signature style. Electro Wow got the chance to ask DOVLEY some questions about her journey as an artist, scroll down and read this exclusive interview.

1 – You’ve been composing songs since…

I’ve been writing songs for long as I can remember. I began playing the piano when I was four when I became obsessed with “Heart and Soul” As I expanded my repertoire, some friends asked me to play the piano for a track they were working on and that is when I started producing music on FL Studio. I was around ten and eleven at the time. I wrote my first song when I was around 3 years old. It was called “Rainbow” and I actually still remember the words to this day. lol. I’ve come a long way since then.

2 – You got involved in the music realm because…

I got involved in music because of how it made me feel. Music has the power to connect people and communicate our deepest emotions. It really is amazing when you think about the fact that music can cross language barriers and define generations. I’ve always wanted to create songs that people listen to and think, “That’s exactly how I feel” or “That’s exactly what I needed to hear”. I feel very happy when people tell me how my music has influenced them.

3 – Your sound is…

My sound is ethereal electronic pop. I love to mix organic instrumentation, like live piano and guitar, with electronic beats and synths and layer them with melodic vocals that take you on a ride into the clouds. During my process, it is important for the track to stand on its own. The vocals must also stand on their own.

4 – Your biggest inspiration is…

My biggest inspiration in life is definitely my mom. She’s an amazingly badass woman that has always been my rock and still encourages me every day to follow my dreams.

Musically, my biggest inspirations have been Whitney Houston, Elton John, Celine Dion, Daft Punk, David Guetta, and music producers George Brown from Kool and The Gang, Jimmy Jam, and Terry Lewis.

5 – People should listen to your latest single “Be About It” because…

People should listen to my latest single, “Be About It” because it’ll make you want to get off your butt and back out there in the world! After the crazy year, we had in 2020 we all need to be reminded to be proactive in our lives. It’s definitely a song you can put on when you need that extra push.

6 – If you want to know who DOVLEY is, listen to the track…

Of the songs I’ve put out so far, “Prism”. embodies who I am and the music I love to produce. It’s an experimental track that takes you on a ride and leaves you in a different place than you would expect from the beginning of the song. I think the song is a lot like life. If you try to understand it, you might get lost, but if you just let go and take it as it comes, you will experience colors and beauty you never would have expected.

The song “Everywhere” expresses what I like to give and surround myself with: love and good energy! “Ricochet” tells of my openness to receiving love and willingness to reciprocate. “Beautiful Chaos” (the title track of my upcoming album) describes how some of the most beautiful things can originate from the most unexpected circumstances. I am super excited to continue sharing myself bit by bit with each one of my songs.

7 –Your most memorable career moment so far has been…

There have been so many…. from performing on the Tonight Show and The Staples Center to meeting musical icons have been some big ones, but my most memorable moment was after I finished directing my first music video. As an artist, we write songs and always envision what they might look like visually, but actually seeing the pictures in my head on the screen was life-changing.

8 – Your dream is…

I am already living my dream. Every day I get to wake up and do the things I’m passionate about. I run my own record label and get to put out the music I love with the support of a great team. We will continue to grow a fan base that is excited as I share my music with the world. I dream of collaborating with Elton John, Cold Play, Calvin Harris, Rufus Du Sol, but ultimately I’m truly enjoying the journey there each step of the way.

9 – Your next release is called…

My next release is a Deep House track called “Wanderlust” and it’s coming out in July. It’s a collaboration I did with a super talented Afro-beat artist named Meaku. We’ve been friends for years and Wanderlust is a song we wrote together when we were both talking about how much we wanted to travel again. It’s the perfect track for summer and after 2020 I think it’s a song a lot of people will relate with.

10 – Your all-time favourite track is…

“Midnight Train to Georgia” by Gladys Knight and The Pips.

I don’t think I even have to explain why that song is so amazing. Just listen to it and you’ll feel the magic.

11 – Your favourite place to write songs is…

Actually while sitting in the car in traffic. lol I usually start my creative process by producing a basic outline of the track at my studio which is filled with tons of natural light and windows, I actually can’t stand how most studios feel like windowless caves, and then I bounce down the track and go for a ride alone in the car and just brainstorm lyric and melody ideas. After that, I come back to the studio and lay down the vocals.

12 – If you weren’t an artist, you’d probably be…

A master ninja assassin. LOL No I’m kidding. I would probably be a physicist. Those who know me well, know I’m into math and science. I’ve always wanted to visit CERN to watch some particles collide!

13 – You’ll only stop making music if…

I will never stop making music. The feeling of my hands and fingers on the ivories of a piano and the strings of a guitar is exhilarating and fulfilling.

14 – In a few years, you want to be…

Putting out more music. I love scriptwriting, directing, and producing films and TV shows that push stereotypical norms. I also want to help other artists put out their music through my record label.

15 – What are you doing for the rest of the day?

Well since it’s 11:30 PM, After this interview, I am going to reward myself by eating this delicious Chicken Tika Masala that was just delivered to my door and kick back and watch some Netflix.



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