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Quickfire Interview With: subduxtion



Featuring as a producer originally hailing from LA, subduxtion began placing his career back in 2007 with an original sound he labels as ‘Dark-Step’. Ever since, subduxtion has been making a name for himself as one of the best up-and-coming electronic music artists in the industry. With a discography of impressive releases topping off his image, subduxtion has been turning heads in the industry with several singles, EP’s and remixes, including releasing with some renowned labels like Milligrid Records (US), Zero Signal Records (JP), High Pressure Systems (UK) and I&W Music (US).

1 — Best gig you’ve played?

That would have to be a show I played at The Empty Bottle in Chicago. It’s memorable for a couple of reasons, first, it felt like a real achievement/reward for all the work that I put in musically speaking, and secondly, lots and lots of friends came out that night in support. It was a lot of fun to play that gig!

2 — Favourite venue?

I’m going to go with a venue here in Kansas City, Missouri, called The Midland Theatre. It’s a beautiful building located in the Power & Light District of Kansas City. It was built in 1927, so the architecture alone (which is Baroque in style) is stunning to look at. The inside has chandeliers and some of the most amazing wood and plasterwork you’ll ever see. Combine all of that with a fantastic sound-system and you have the perfect place to experience a live event.

3 — Best childhood memory?

As a 10-year-old, performing at the Hollywood Bowl with the Pasadena All-City Orchestra. I was second chair clarinetist.

4 — CDJ or Vinyl?

Going to have to go with CDJ. While it is true that vinyl has a certain tactile/physical component to it, you can’t beat being able to able carry all your music on a USB thumb drive and plug that into a CDJ.

5 — Ibiza or Miami?

Miami! I absolutely love that city. In fact, the cover art for my ‘Shelter’ release is inspired by the colours of Miami. The colour choices and font are my interpretation of how Miami looks and feels to me.

6 — Funniest career moment?

Drove to a gig in Illinois thinking I was playing a traditional venue/club. Drove all over the neighbourhood as well as the city looking for this “venue” thinking I entered the wrong address in my GPS, nope, the “venue” turned out to be someone’s home. They put on shows in their rather large basement. Walked in the house, like I knew it was the venue all along.

7 — Biggest inspiration?

Richie Hawtin – to me the most forward-thinking DJ/electronic musician I know of. He’s been at the forefront of many of the evolutions of electronic dance music. We now DJ differently because of him, we perform electronic music differently because of him and we have altered what we think an electronic music performance should be.

8 — Favourite food?

Mediterranean Food! Kansas City has some really, good Mediterranean restaurants. I don’t have a particular favourite dish as I love it all. (LOL)

9 — Biggest mistake you’ve made DJing?

Forgetting to send the track I’m cueing to the actual cue send. Nothing messes with your flow more than cueing a track and then finding yourself frantically wondering why you can’t hear the track in your headphones.

10 — Favourite release of all time?

Massive Attack’s ‘Mezzanine.’ I was already a fan of theirs prior to this but this turned me into a superfan! There’s not a single track that you skip over. Today it still sounds as unique and singular as it did then. Many have been inspired by it and some have even tried to copy it but nobody has really been able to duplicate its singular sound.



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