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Rave In Switzerland Has Been Blamed For The Death Of Two Dolphins



 A pair of dolphins may have died after being fed drugs by ravers after a second animal died. Police looking into the deaths in Connyland, Lipperswil, Switzerland, initially thought the deafening music from the rave may have killed dolphins Shadow and Chelmers. But zoo vets are awaiting toxicology test results to see if they were poisoned by narcotics thrown into their enclosure during the rave.
A spokesman from the Whale and Dolphin Protection Society stated ‘We have reasonable evidence to suggest that the extreme noise levels from the two day Techno party severely affected the immune system of the dolphins. Dolphins are very sensitive creatures. We warned against a Techno party taking place in this location for these very reasons.’ The event produced noise levels over 100 decibels, which is of course unacceptable for this type of parties.
and here’s the rave that killed those dolphins . . .

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