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RayRay & SIHK Dive Into Happy Hardcore Music, Watch The Video



Have you ever felt the rush of energy that comes with Happy Hardcore music? If not, you’re going to love this! RayRay and SIHK have just dropped the visuals for their track “To The Moon, and it’s all about those lively hardcore melodies you can’t get enough of.

Vertical Format for Mobile Viewing

As a matter of fact, the music video was shot in a vertical format. Yep, you heard that right! It’s perfect for all you mobile viewers out there. No more awkwardly rotating your phone or squinting at a tiny screen. Just pure, unadulterated happy hardcore goodness right in the palm of your hand.

RayRay and SIHK have really outdone themselves this time. Certainly, the clip is a visual feast, packed with vibrant colors and trippy animations that perfectly match the upbeat tempo of “To The Moon.” It’s like a rave in your pocket, ready to go wherever you are.

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Fast Beats and Infectious Melodies

The song itself, “To The Moon,” is a banger, blending RayRay’s vocals with SIHK’s unique twist. The result? A track that’s both energetic and fresh, taking you back to the golden days of Happy Hardcore while keeping things current.

It also reminds me a bit to one of her previous singles, “Drama Queen.”

Of course, the beats are fast, the melodies are infectious, and the vibe is off the charts!

To The Moon RayRay

Happy Hardcore Music Is Not Dead

For those who think Happy Hardcore music is a relic of the past, think again! This genre is very much alive and kicking, with artists like RayRay and SIHK leading the charge.

This EDM style continues to evolve, blending nostalgic elements with modern transitions and techniques. It’s a genre that refuses to fade, constantly reinventing itself.

Without question, dope jams like “To The Moon” capture the hearts of both old-school ravers and new fans alike.



By Erick Ycaza

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