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Ready To Get Spooked? Trees And Timber’s “All The Best” Is Here!



Trees And Timber
Alright, music lovers and spooky story enthusiasts, get ready to dive into the weird and wonderful world of Trees and Timber‘s latest single, “All the Best. This track isn’t just a song—it’s an emotional rollercoaster that’ll take you from the eerie corners of your mind to the sunny streets of Tacoma, all in one listen. Think of it as the musical equivalent of a Tim Burton movie: a little creepy, a little quirky, and totally captivating.

So, what’s the story behind this spine-tingling tune? “All the Best” is the grand finale of their enigmatic saga, Superghost. It’s a song that’s got it all—mystery, depth, and just the right amount of existential dread to keep things interesting. One minute, you’ll feel like you’re being chased by a shadowy figure down a haunted hallway. The next, you’ll find yourself strolling through Tacoma, where hope and resilience are the order of the day. It’s a wild ride that perfectly captures the ups and downs of life.

Now, let’s rewind to where it all began. Picture this: it’s 2010, and Gwen decides she wants to play bass and write some killer songs with Joe. Boom! Trees and Timber are born. They started out as a five-piece band called Hi-Fido, but like all great rock legends, they evolved. By 2012, they were experimenting with sounds on their EP “Electric Gypsy Lovechild” and laying down the tracks for what would become a musical revolution.

Trees and Timber music
Fast forward to 2014, and Trees and Timber—now with Paul on board—drop their debut LP, “Hello My Name is Love.” This album was a game-changer, earning them a solid fan base and a reputation as musical innovators. But did they stop there? Nope. In 2018, they pulled a total band move and disbanded to go on a creative walkabout. But don’t worry—they came back stronger, more creative, and ready to blow our minds with their newest work.

With “All the Best,” Trees and Timber have truly outdone themselves. This track is a masterclass in blending light and dark, hope and despair, all while keeping us on the edge of our seats. Whether you’re in it for the haunting vibes or the feel-good resilience, there’s something here for everyone.

So, grab your headphones, turn off the lights, and let Trees and Timber’s “All the Best” take you on a journey you won’t soon forget. Trust us, it’s a trip worth taking.




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