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Reggaeton In English Just Got Real With This Banger Called “4TM”



IAmChino joins forces with J Rythm and Gunder 808 on “4TM,” proving that Reggaeton in English is truly here to stay. The upbeat, bilingual track has all the hallmarks of a Latin hit but with a special twist, and it’s bound to get you dancing happily without even realizing it.

A Crossover Collaboration For the Ages

When artists of this caliber come together, you know it’s going to be good. IAmChino, J Rythm, and Gunder 808 are no strangers to the urban scene, having each seen massive global success with their releases.

Indeed, a good example is “Solo Tu,” a hit IAmChino wrote a few years ago with Tito El Bambino. But with “4TM” they’ve taken the bold step of experimenting with English lyrics over infectious Reggaeton beats.

The Catchy Chorus!

The song’s English-sung chorus is destined for endless replays on listeners’ lips and in their heads:

Oh, when I wake up in the mornin’
I’ll have no regrets ’cause I was doin’ what I wanted
One too many shots before I jump without a warnin’
But I just don’t care ’cause I was livin’ in the moment

With its carefree message of living in the present without regret, it’s easy to see why this section was crafted in English for maximum relatability and a sing-along factor.

Reggaeton In English
A Dancefloor-Filler From Start to Finish

From the opening beats, “4TM” commands your attention with its summer-ready production. Layered Spanish and English vocals flow seamlessly over rolling hi-hats and handclap percussion that’ll have you moving no matter where you are.

It’s the perfect playlist addition whether you’re at the club or perhaps cooking dinner.

The Future of Reggaeton Is Bilingual

With “4TM,” IAmChino, J Rythm, and Gunder 808 demonstrate that Reggaeton’s popularity is only growing internationally. Their blend of Latin rhythms and English/Spanish lyrics points to an exciting new era of global crossover hits.

Consider this your introduction to the sounds of the genre’s promising future.



By Erick Ycaza

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