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Remington James Sounds Like A Veteran: Prototype VII Review



Remington James
Remington James
is a popular Youtuber who has netted more than 365K subscribers (Remington James Fitness). For people who do not know yet his musical facet, I recommend that you listen to his amazing new album ‘Prototype VII’. Over the last four months, he felt inspired by the Hip-Hop genre he likes very much since he was a little kid. Certainly, it is remarkable to know he has written, mixed and recorded all the 17 tracks featured on this project. On a side note, he battled his inner demons (drug addiction, depression, and an overdose) while producing all these compelling beats, which left him with a new outlook on life. Personally, I truly believe music heals the soul, and perhaps here we have an emblematic case. Not to mention, it features thought-provoking lyrics and killer hooks. Indeed, he sounds like a veteran! Scroll down further to read my track-by-track review.

1 – Villain Art is so intimate, as well as this song which talks about a challenging period between the YouTuber and some of his subscribers who used to paint him as a “Villain”. He faced slamming criticism because he wanted a positive change in his life. As a result, the artist vents towards them and let us know he’s a new man.

2 – Catch My Breath It starts off spitting the catchy line “gimme a sec let me catch my breath”, plus a bunch of consistent drums. It feels like an empowerment anthem. Remington will infect you with his boost of confidence, joy, and celebration.

3 – Rockstar Money and fame are cliches within the Hip-Hop culture. However, the Ohio-born entertainer brings original verses to the table and a quickfire flow style. Absolutely, he is a “Rockstar”. In short, you are what you think, you are what you go for, and you are what you do!

4 – Immortal Surely, a shy person could even feel invincible while listening to this uplifting track. In my opinion, in order to become an immortal legend, we must live a life worth remembering.

5 – Run It Back Remington joined forces with his rapper colleague Zino, and together they spice up the whole composition with dynamic vocal runs.

6 – Bounce Make it bounce, make it bounce, make it bounce… If this doesn’t get your head bobbing to his rhythm, then you don’t have the ability to appreciate his ingenious wordplay as well.

7 – Man On The Moon The intro is filled with spooky and mysterious vibes. If I’m not mistaken, the song is about looking for escapism out of this planet.

8 – City Is Mine It also carries a dark melody as the previous one. Beyond that, in a defiant and brave tone, he makes it clear he’ll stay in his hometown. The darkness from his past and struggles may become noticeable.

9 – Get In Line Unlike the rest of the tracks on this album, it seems “Get In Line” is built around monotonous beats. Consequently, it feels a bit repetitive. However, I like his creative energy and the way he sticks to storytelling through it.

10 – Lvls Obviously, it represents the stage of making a move in your life. There’s nothing wrong about feeling proud about improvements.

11 – Hit My Line To sum up, he reveals a romantic drama with his girl, and most of you will feel identified with his honest songwriting.

12 – Look At You It begins with gorgeous acoustic guitar lines. You can tell it has a poppy approach rather than the urban essence of Hip-Hop. It’s different, and he sings so passionately like never before.

13 – Cash Out Another collaborative track with Zino, allowing listeners to enjoy again Remington’s Hip-Hop side. This is the right anthem for those of you who love spending and blowing money day and night.

14 – Wraith Once again he takes a dark direction but I really admire his profound lyrics. For instance, the line: “only love you when you’re dead and gone” commonly occurs in our society. With the feet on the ground, he’s been realistic and invite us to think reflect more deeply about life.

15 – PsychoPath There’s no doubt the frenetic sounds match so well with the highly explicit and aggressive nature of this tune.

16 – Make It A smooth/mellow composition, which is inspirational for those of you who are still going down the wrong path. Perhaps, it’s one of my favorite tracks because you can feel the good vibes all around. He isn’t afraid to express his feelings and his personal growth with us. Pretty admirable!

17 – Hero Finally, to close with a flourish, he comes to terms with everything he went through, so that we can learn never it’s too late to learn from our mistakes. My rating 5/5 ★★★★★



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