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Revealed: The Real Story of Gorgon City’s “Go All Night”



Kiesza was supposed to sing the song…

Revealed: The Real Story of Gorgon City's "Go All Night" If you haven’t seen Gorgon City’s music video for their single “Go All Night,” stop reading this story right now, slap yourself in the face for being a philistine, and get on Electro WOW old archives as quickly as humanly possible. The song, off the duo’s debut album ‘Sirens’, is a throwback dance number, drawing from classic House with a uniquely ’90s sensibility.

Jennifer Hudson turns out full on diva vocals that evoke the memory of every dance floor you’ve ever been on. “Here in your arms I could go all night,” she wails on the chorus. “Here in your arms I could spend my whole life. Here in your arms I could go all night, give me your love and I might just keep on dancing.” And that’s what Gorgon City wants: for you to keep on dancing all night long.

“We thought she’d be great for it, because it’s got this old-school house feel and that classic diva vibe, so we sent it to her,” explains Gibbon.

Time went by and Gorgon City forgot about the track as they were putting together Sirens. “We didn’t think she’d ever cut it, and then two or three days before the album was due to be sent out to master, she sent us her vocal and we were like, ‘Wow, this is amazing, we’ve got to get this finished! This has to be on the album!’” They only had two days to get in the studio and put the track together, but the frantic pace paid off, according to Gibbon—and Gorgon City’s U.K. fans; the single reached No. 2 on the U.K. dance charts. “It’s a great vocal. Jennifer is smashing on it.”

U.K. producers Kye Gibbon, 28, and Matt Robson-Scott, 29, have been DJing together since 2012, but it was only in the last year that they put out an album of their own tracks. ‘Sirens’ is a dance floor dream, packed with House and Techno. Each of the tracks features a different vocalist, either recruited from Gibbon and Robson-Scott’s network of friends or enlisted at their management’s suggestion. Swedish pop singer Erik Hassel makes an appearance alongside Brits Katy B and Yasmin. But unlike most electronic musicians, Gibbon and Robson Scott never simply send a finished track off to a vocalist. Their songs are true collaborations.

kiesza gorgon city“Most of the time, we get in the studio with nothing prepared, which is kind of daunting,” Gibbon explains over the phone from Scotland the morning after the first show of Gorgon City’s second European tour. “But we find that it works best that way, because you’re not over- thinking it. You just get in there and see what everyone’s vibe is on that day, write some chords, bounce ideas back and forth, and go from there.”

“Go All Night” is a rare exception, however. Gibbon and Robson Scott originally wrote the track with “Hideaway” sensation Kiesza on her first trip to the U.K. “She was very new, but we loved her vibe and wanted to get in the studio with her,” Gibbon says. “We wrote the track with her—she was actually singing on it [originally] but we all felt that we could give it to someone else to sing.”

The duo was already in touch with Jennifer Hudson after producing the track “I Still Love You” on the Grammy winner’s 2014 album JHud.

The “Go All Night” music video is another huge part of the attention Gorgon City have gained, especially from their growing  hipster audience. The clip finds Hudson and the duo taking over an after hours club full of queens kiking, vougers cutting it up on the floor, hot boys having the time of their lives, and Hudson serving one of the fiercest looks of her career. Gorgon City’s fanbase was a huge influence on the video, which helped Hudson feel more at home on set.

Gorgon City’s sound is drawn from Gibbon and Robson-Scott’s underground musical upbringing. The pair bonded over their shared love of jungle, drum and bass, U.K. garage, grime, House, and Techno. This is the music that still inspires them to this day—even on their weekends off, they can be found at the infamous underground grime raves in East London, and their attention to the Techno heavy sound of today is what keeps their music fresh and compelling. While the sirens of myth lured sailors to their deaths with their hypnotic songs, Gorgon City’s ‘Sirens’ lures you to the floor with subheavy bass and hypnotic beats that are guaranteed to give you life.

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