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Rey Love Interview 2015



Rey Love Interview 2015
Rey Love aka Reylovesu is a talented singer/songwriter from New York City in the United States. His passion for music led him to start a professional artistic career. Read this interview below and find out more about his way of thinking.

1 – Have you always been focused in electronic music? 

I’ve always had an ear for Electronic music. Electronic music has greatly influenced much of today’s music.

2 – Have you signed a deal with a record label?

I have yet to be signed with a label, but hope to. As it will give me the access to achieve my highest potential as an artist. I have worked with some underground labels, such as Same Gang Records, and Mayhem Musik, as a in house engineer and producer, I’m also working with Lust Life Label. In addition to that, i am currently starting my own independent label called, “The Green House.”

3 – Whose work do you relate to most? Who inspires you?

I am greatly inspired by the 90’s R&B scene. I love the rawness of the lyrics and the emotions a great love record can bring you. My inspirations to write are everyday people, situations we go through, stories I hear, whether it’s getting my heartbroken or having. A great time. There’s always a good situation to write a great song.

4 – What do you think your music stands for?

My music stands for love, pure real love. I want you to go back and say, “wow this song took me to a certain memory.”

5 – Describe for us your latest track “LOVE 2.0”

Love 2.0 was an experimental track I did. I was influenced by the 80s electronic scene. Interesting enough, I was also influenced by a video game named, “Hotline Miami.” if you haven’t played it you definitely should. the soundtrack is killer full of electronic music, loved it!

6 – What interesting methods do you use to produce it? 

I did the whole song in one take no cuts straight through, I didn’t write the record it was fully improvised. I was letting the instrumental drive my imagination.

7 – What’s the most boring track in the world? Why?

Lol this is a interesting question, I haven’t encountered a boring song, I love all music you never know what your next inspiration will come from. Plus, it’s up to the listener to decide what they like and what they don’t, I’m sure there are tons of people that think electronic music is boring, but that’s just their opinion.

8 – Are you fan of commercial or underground DJs?

I’m a fan of a lot of Hip Hop DJs like DJ clue, DJ whoo kid and Funk Master Flex those are just some of my favorite commercial and underground DJs.

9 – What was the last festival you attended?

The last music festival I attended was “Fools Gold Day,” off which was super dope. it featured a lot of great Hip Hop acts like Manolo Rose and Meek Mill.

10 – What else do you think we should know about you?

Well again I go by Rey Love or Reylovesu , I’m from the Lower east side of Manhattan. I’ve been singing since I can remember lol, I was in a gospel choir as a kid and played drums for a jazz band in high school. I attended college for audio engineering. I do jingles for the radio as well lol. I am Just an all around audio specialist lol. Stay tuned for my mixtape coming next spring titled “Hope All Is Well”. Follow me on all social media Reylovesu. Just wanted to give a shout out to my family and friends, and a special thanks to Electro WOW for the interview, thank you!

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