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Rico Interview 2015



Exclusive interview with Paris-born, Miami-based RICO! The international DJ/Producer opens up to us about everything from explaining his music tastes to talking about his future Deep House track “Marathon.” You will enjoy reading it.

1 – How do we keep up-to-date with Rico?

You can follow me on my Facebook page:  and also you can listen to my music via SoundCloud:

2 – Where does the name “Rico” come from?

My actual first name is Emeric, in high school in France my friends always called me Rico.

3 – Why did you decide to live in Miami?

I was coming here for vacations as a kid and then in the later years my father decided to live here, so I decided to get closer to him, improve my English and enjoy the beautiful weather!

4 – What’s your favorite Deep House track of 2014?

There are so many, I will have to go for Ten Walls. Requiem by Ten Walls, they brought something new to the scene. I really like Walking with Elephants as well.

5 – What are your influences?

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, I remember having that 45rpm vinyl in our living room, later it went from Rage against the Machine to UB40 and The Prodigy. As crazy as it sounds my mom owned a few Gospel vinyls so I guess she passed on the vinyl addiction to me, I come from the vinyl school for Djing and I am really proud of that.

6 – How long have you been working as a DJ?

Not sure if you would call it work because I wasn’t paid, but my first gig abroad in Czech Republic was a turning point. I was 23 y old, it’s quite amazing it’s been 13 years ago! It was for an underground rave ‘Czech Tekoo’, I sneaked in one of the sound systems and got to play, the crowd really liked it, I came back the next day and played again then followed them in Slovakia…

7 – What is the most difficult part of producing a song?

A producer has the tendency to be in a little bulb, locked inside with no outdoor connection, which can be good and bad. Good because that helps to be focused, bad because if the music sounds so so, no one is going to be there and say “you need to change that part here”, that’s why I really like to have collaborations, it’s always a great learning experience.

8 – Your latest EP |Deep Down Inside| is fantastic – Do you have plans to release more music over the coming months?

Thank you! Yes of course, I’ve been working on a track named ‘Marathon’, believe it or not, I do triathlons and I plan to make a track for each discipline. We also have plans for a duo with my friend Steve Sanx, I will fill you with more info in the near future.

9 – If you had the chance to remix any track of your choice, which track would you remix?

Unfinished Sympathy – Massive Attack

10 – Do you get time to relax – ever?

Yes I took a week on a cruise recently, I had a great time and met great people, the vibe was always good and positive…we are all on the same boat after all!

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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