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Radical Right-Wing Pastor Goes Viral With This House Remix Video



paula white
Radical right-wing pastor Paula White goes viral after she delivered a prayer service speaking in tongues in order to secure Trump’s reelection. Not to mention, she even called on “angelic reinforcement” from Africa and South America. Creatively, Seattle-based DJ vxrt uploaded a House remix video on Twitter adding his own funny twist. Personally, I don’t think the spiritual adviser to the former American president can make “miracles” at the moment, but I’m sure she’s having us laughing out loud with her nonsense/crazy attitude.

On more than one occasion, she has been criticized for using religion to manipulate people of faith. Those evangelicals who continue to support Trump and are willing to turn a blind eye to his bigotry and racism should reflect on their wrong actions…

So far, I want to congratulate my American friends on the promising victory of Joe Biden. Well, I can’t think of anything to say besides FUCK Donald Trump. ?

Watch the video down here!



By Erick Ycaza

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