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Rkham Just Dropped His New Album ‘Pen And Paper’ — Stream In Full



I’m pleased to provide you with a full stream of Rkham‘s new album ‘Pen And Paper’. The Illinois-based artist wants to inspire you with a 10-track record which revolves around different aspects of life. That said, the full discography is a personal introspection that offers a time for reflection. But make no mistake, Hip-Hop isn’t necessarily about misogyny, violence, sex, money or drugs. In this case, Rkham proves that this a misrepresentation quite apart from his art, which has the power to transform others with meaningful messages, while he turns up the urban beats song after song. Beyond that, this album will allow you to know thoroughly the real identity of Rkham.

Today I’m bringing you a full review of ‘Pen And Paper’, check out my thoughts below, and enjoy this fresh material.

1 — Pen And Paper Perception Clearly, from the very beginning he shares with listeners the purpose of this intimate project that wants to help you find your true self.

2 — Who I Am  With a killer opening line, “What do you wanna be when you grow up? I wanna be me” he blasts off his rapid-fire flow. In the midst of uncertainties, he feels proud of his accomplishments. If I’m not wrong, he also gives some references to a life-changing experience.

3 — Release He is so damn good at rapping, you can tell breathing plays a huge role in his technique. Through his verses, Rkham is seeking to release pain, anger, and frustrations in order to move on with his life.

4 — Forever Love ft. Connor This is my favorite track off the ‘Pen And Paper’ album, the rhythm takes us back to the 70s superfly style. I swear I can listen to this on repeat. Furthermore, he gets romantic or better said, madly in love…

5 — Not Okay A seductive downtempo tune that is conditioned by past memories. Therefore, when you miss someone too much you’ll probably feel down. Its lyrics are relatable and you can feel identified with his words.

6 — Last Goodbye This one could enter in the list of Hip-Hop songs that could make you cry. Trust me, it will produce a deep emotional impact on listeners, as he is being honest about his own sufferings, including a suicidal attempt. In addition, it features some lovely female backing vocals softening the sharp edges of the song.

7 — Another Round You can feel the loud and high energy he puts on this particular track. Personally, I like its message of perseverance and courage. Sonically, he brings some rockish tendencies due to the guitar riffs.

8 — All My Days ft. Eric Norman, Kauai A great collaborative effort. All the voices match so perfectly as they have a unique range. This cut is kinda funny because days are not supposed to be boring at all… We all must start living an interesting life.

9 — Life The intro features crumpled radio noises, and then, surprisingly the artist’s dialogue will make you aware of what exactly is life. Sincerely, I agree 100% with his definition of life. In short, it’s emotive and magical.

10 — Ink Wow just wow! He ends this album with a final flourish and a deep message I prefer you to listen carefully. He is being realistic, and I simply love that. Without a doubt, this album deserves a five stars rating. ✭✭✭✭✭



Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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