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Rocket Jumper Interview 2015




Rocket Jumper Interview 2015
Rocket Jumper chat about the present and the future of their careers, and also how they work together as a duo. I hope you enjoy this interview.  Read below and be sure to check out their fantastic music.

1 – How would you describe your own music style?

Alexander: Energy and smile.
Sergey: Explosive like a rocket.

2 – Tell us about your DJ gear…

Actually we’re using our laptop Lenovo.

3 – Was a career in music always the main objective, What did your family think of your choice?

Alexander: No, it wasn`t. Interested in music by influence of old trance and dance music in late 2000x. Family support such choice, but not from the very start.
Sergey: ASOT changed my imagination about music, so dig into that in late 1990x. Family supports me.

4 – How would you rate the music scene of the city you are currently living in?

Alexander: Its a small city here, weak club culture.
Sergey: Weak.

5 – Do you admire any Russian DJs?

Alexander: Arty, Swanky Tunes, Matisse & Sadko, Arston.
Sergey: Swanky Tunes, Matisse & Sadko, Arty.

6 – Which is your favorite social networking platform and why? 

Alexander: Just diggin in and like it a lot. Youtube also! Nice way to interact with audience.
Sergey: Facebook.

7 – Are you collaborating with other artists or will you be? and who? 

Alexander: We already collaborated with Magnetie (label owner of Insomnified rec). Hope to collaborate in future with Showtek and W&W, hope to get there 😉
Sergey: We just finished collab with magnetie and hope to collaborate with Kill FM someday.

8 – Your brand new tune “Woo” is getting huge support, talk us more about this track…

Alexander: We produced that track quite fast. After good respond and support for our track “Money” we decided to stay the flow on energy and happy style.
Sergey: This track became quite fresh and interesting.

9 – You spend a lot of time together, Surely there are arguments? 

Alexander: Not much. Our work based in the way where i`m leading the creative process and Sergey working on details, so we don`t debate a lot about elements in the track, which is quite important.
Sergey: We are great team and moving in one direction for many years with common targets.

10 – Tell us what is coming out in the next months…

Alexander: Next release in May and it would be real banger, can`t say you name tho. But its really tough one. And some vocal collab is coming also, so stay tuned!
Sergey: Expect new works at Insomnified already in may 🙂



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