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Romanian Music Artists UNKLFNKL & Ioana Ignat Drop A Big Hit!



Those in the know about the latest dance jams have probably already heard “6 Feet Deep” by Romanian music artists UNKLFNKL and Ioana Ignat. This big hit has been blowing up clubs and EDM playlists since its release a few weeks ago.

How It All Began

According to UNKLFNKL, the producer behind this catchy collab, he recalls a moment during a car trip. As he made a stop at a fast-food restaurant along the highway, an incident caught his attention.

A girl, who appeared to be the manager, emerged from the kitchen and began yelling at the employees. UNKLFNKL empathized with her stressful situation and remarked, “Poor girl, she’s so stressed, I don’t know how she’ll get through this summer.”

Although UNKLFNKL wasn’t in the midst of a love story at that time, this encounter served as the inspiration and starting point for the creation of “6 Feet Deep.”

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Gabriel Maga, who produces under the name UNKLFNKL, has steadily built his repertoire over 10 years in the Vancouver music scene. Moreover, his genre-blending productions and high-energy live shows now attract fans across Europe and Asia.

With dual talents in guitar and DJing, UNKLFNKL knows how to get any party started.

The Progress of Ioana Ignat’s Sound

Ioana Ignat has expressed excitement for fans to hear “6 Feet Deep,” describing it as a departure from her usual Romanian Pop sound. While a change of pace, she believes the upbeat dance track has worldwide hit potential.

As a matter of fact, she can’t wait for audiences everywhere to make it their next vocal EDM anthem at the clubs.

In short, if you’re searching for a feel-good tune, look no further than “6 Feet Deep” by these talented Romanian music artists. This awesome song promises to power you through the months ahead… Get ready to turn it up!



By Erick Ycaza

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